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Some of your Questions:

The most frequent questions about the the Bob's Bot traffic exchange network.Please read this before contacting us for help at this email: [email protected]

Sign Ups (3)

How do I join the network?
Click here to join the network for Free.
Whats next after signing up?
Login and download our viewer to start earning minutes.
How to earn minutes?
Once the software has been installed.Run the software and input your username.Leave the software to run.Make sure you have a good internet connection.

Minutes (3)

I am not getting all my minutes?
User will only get 70% of their minutes.
Is there a maximum amount of minutes I can earn?
No.There isn't.
Can I earn minutes through referals?
Yes. On signing up you can refer your friends and earn 10% percent of their earnings.

Sites (3)

Traffic (2)

Where does the traffic come from?
Traffic comes form all over the world.
Can I choose the traffic location for my sites.
Currently that is not supported.